A Little About Me

I grew up in a large family in California right on the bay. I loved being close to the water as my Father built and repaired boats as his business it was second nature to me. I recall to this day a pivotal moment when I was about 8 years old… I was with my Mom while on a family vacation and as I was listening to her I began to receive an instant Knowing or understanding of her past traumas and physiological and psychological layers or essence if you will that made up who she was today. No judgement. Just a complete awareness or deep realization. It wasn’t like something I saw in my mind or with my eyes – but more of an instant download or Knowing within my whole being. I realized after this day that it was something that my essence would do automatically with others when in my presence – a felt Knowing instantly received. Or what I would describe as a constant energy field that is always surrounding you because it is you and can be received by those who are able to  – later in life it would transcend past being in my presence but anywhere on the planet. Of course, as a child I was unaware that this was unique to me or that others could not also do this. I had never heard anyone in my family or friends group discuss anything like this so it was very foreign to attempt to put into words.
Later on in life at about 13 years old I recall at a sleepover at a friends home that I had a vivid dream of a mutual family friend walking down the isle in a wedding dress and this friend was not evening dating anyone that we knew of. Later that next day this same friend made an announcement that she was now officially engaged. This went on every night for an entire week. I would wake up and recall my dream and later it would come to be. After a solid week of this happening it stopped. The day it stopped I had another very interesting occurrence happen. I was going about my day when suddenly I had extreme pain in my left hand. It was so bad that I couldn’t hardly move it and I did not understand why it was happening. It was some time that passed before I was able to move my hand at all and go about my day. It wasn’t until the next day when my sister called to say hello that I realized what had happened. She told me that yesterday she had an injury to her left hand while she in the kitchen. She said it was pretty bad too. When I asked her what happened it became pretty clear I was feeling her directly during and her injury to her hand in real time. I didn’t fully understand the connection at the time or how it worked but later in my teen years I found out that I had that same connection to my Mother during a physical distress time or health distress. I would mention these occurrences as they would happen but was often met with, and understandably so, the same – ‘not sure’ or ‘coincidence I guess’ because it’s not something that anyone we knew had experienced before.
It was only when I consciously decided to begin to meditate daily that I learned of who and what I and we all truly are. I was not taught how or why one would meditate while growing up so this was a completely new concept for me. I simply woke up one day and decided that I would learn to meditate daily and begin with 5 minutes to see how that went. For me 5 minutes was all I could do the first day and I decided that I would add just 1 minute on to that number each day. Yes, each day and after a few weeks I was able to master it and stopping timing myself and instead just went with the flow. Since then I have had complete clarity on what abilities I’ve always had since birth but never understood. I know now that I was always meant to help humanity and mother earth herself in many ways.
I now live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have for the past couple of decades. I love being so near the rivers and beautiful forests where I can go and commune with nature and all it’s beautiful creatures.

I look forward to helping each person in a complete way find the same balance and joy in life… this goal is truly at the center of who I am.  

I am passionate about what I do and I am passionate about helping you find your inner bliss, your freedom, your best life in the here and now so that you can enjoy all the adventures that life has to offer you.  Seeing my clients happy and reaching their goals, finding their true passions and making steps forward to create the future that is right for them always brings a smile to my face. We are all given the gifts from birth, we are all made to do big things. This may mean that you will be challenging yourself to step up and step into the life you know you deserve, the life that is waiting for you.  Live your best life NOW. Feel better from the inside out. 

Whether this means helping you with Life Coaching, unblocking yourself from personal blocks and adjusting your mindset to attain the goals you have set for yourself..  or Energy Healing and moving on to a far greater and deeper inner peace and understanding .. or personal training to motivate you and push you harder than you push yourself.. or even better … a combination of these services to custom tailor to your exact needs right here.. right now. Lets get the whole you in alignment so You can be, do and have everything this life has to offer that you desire.  The outcomes are waiting, all you have to do is be willing to do the work, the inner work on you and then watch as life unfolds.

It’s time to live YOUR best life.

Let’s do this together.