Good Mornings

When I wake up in the morning I count my blessings (or rather state my intentions for the day and 3 things I am thankful for in the Now moment) … Take some deep breaths and take a walk with me… This picture is my early morning start down by the river today. This peaceful spot is so filled with warmth and Light. Not in the way you may perceive by seeing the sunlight casting it’s beauty on the sandy beach… but in a way that is beyond words. If you sit quietly here or in any peaceful spot in nature you too will be able to connect with the quiet calm. That quiet calm or inner peace is YOUR sanctuary – YOUR space that YOU are responsible to keep balanced. YOUR choice always. YOU get to choose daily Who and What YOU carry forward into each moment. YOU get to choose happy or anxiety. YOU get to choose to BE in the flow of life or let Life Default settings occur to you…. I choose happy, I choose peace, I choose Love, I choose Me. With that being said …. I choose to hold peace for all those who also want to Consciously Choose to live their best life ON and With Purpose… not on default.

Much Love to All