Oneness is the fact or state of being one in number. Oneness is the coming together of all… It is the basis and underlying essence of everything. We have to go beyond the senses, beyond duality to find Oneness. I know this is not something that we have been taught so really grasping Oneness is a new concept to many. It however is probably the most important lesson to learn about our existence. The universe is one being. Think about your own consciousness and then try to imagine that the universe is one infinite consciousness … like one infinite conscious entity but not in the human sense. One infinite ever changing and expanding consciousness. Each of us is a point of individualized consciousness belonging to this whole. Each spirit a focal point of energy within this infinite mind – each likened to a branch on a tree, part of the whole. A great healing occurs within each person who realizes the concept of oneness and takes time to contemplate it.