I truly enjoy my meditation. A time to quiet the mind and look inward. I must say the best Meditation I have ever had was when I was on the beach in Santa Cruz, California. There is just something so amazing about being right there in the sand, smelling that ocean air … shoes off and eyes closed. To feel that cool ocean breeze and hear those waves crashing all around me. I was able to drop quickly into the meditative state. Which of course this state of being is always welcomed by me. If you have never meditated I would recommend starting out by breathing deeply (4 seconds in and 7 seconds out) for maybe 5 minutes on the first day. You can gradually move that time out each day… Yes! each day… If you want to know the beauty of true inner peace and a greater understanding of that peace that only knowing your inner deeper you will bring. I cannot express enough how much breathing deeply and meditating daily has truly changed my life. For starters, daily we are taking these shallow breaths all day long and our highly intelligent cells require more oxygenation. Breathing deeply daily will literally in fact change your life beginning right in the brain. Start today, start at any amount of time…. even 1 minute if that is the most you can do today. Enjoy all that is…



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