Creating your day Consciously

So often we find ourselves amongst the busyness of our day or our environment and we find ourselves ending our day with exhaustion. Laying down at the end of the day completely spent in our bodies but our mind is continuing. The greatest gift You can give yourself is the – opportunity – to PREPAVE your day. Start the day by setting your intention of how you want your day to go. How you want your interactions with others to go IS how they will go. Everything that comes your way in your day is going to match the vibration (your thoughts and emotions) that you are emitting – So start your day by emitting the best highest vibrational thoughts you can muster.

A few simple intentions stated aloud or in your head will work just fine. For example, “I see myself having uplifting and positive interactions with all those who cross my path”. Like any habit (or belief) they are thoughts formed by continuing the pattern for several days – even up to 30. Once you’ve established this in your morning you will begin to see the day unfold in new and unknown ways. Delightful with consistency and I recommend beginning this prior to getting out of bed or as you are just starting the day getting out of bed. Also, if you can think of 3 intentions (at minimum) for the day that is a great place to begin.

Small steps will net BIG changes in life.

Much Love,